How to play


A short introduction

Temple of Dream is a UK based prize competition business run by a team of watch enthusiasts. Our goal is to make expensive and luxurious watches accessible to you.

But that’s not all. The second big motivation for us is helping those in need.

So here’s what we focus on:

    • Giving you a reasonable chance to win luxurious and expensive watches; and
    • Supporting charities.  We want to make the process of entering our competitions even more fun and rewarding by enabling you to choose which of the listed charities we support when we donate part of our profit

How does it work?
1. You need to choose how many entries into the competition you would like to purchase;
2. Having done so, you will then be asked to play a skill-based game, the answer of which will apply to all the tickets you purchase in that single transaction;
3. Having answered the question, you will then be asked to enter your payment details and to select which listed charity you would like to support; and
4. There are a strictly limited number of tickets for each competition. Once they are sold out, the winner will be drawn by a secure, certified third-party authority.

It’s that simple! Here at Temple of Dream, we have created just that… a world where dreams can be made a reality!

Feed the Children provides food, essentials, education supplies and disaster relief to children in need.

Children With Cancer UK research is providing care for children with cancer and their families.

International Animal Rescue comes to the aid of wild and domestic animals with hands-on rescue and rehabilitation.