about us

Who We Are

Temple of Dream was found by two watch enthusiasts and collectors in 2019. Prior to that, both Co-founders have been part of the watch industry for a long time. From running big media companies to working at some of the biggest household names, they have seen it all.

What We Live By

At Temple of Dream we take pride in delivering you the best possible experience. We achieve that by going above and beyond with everything we do.
It starts with creating interesting and engaging content tailored to watch enthusiasts, all while innovating methods to present you incredible prizes and inspire you on a daily basis. It doesnt end there – We’ve had some of the most meaningful and interesting conversations with our community by simply being present and engaging, we love that! “Customer is king” isn’t just a phrase for us, we live by it.

How It Started

We have been intrigued by the prize competition model after seeing it for the first time at a car company. The concept of giving people the chance to win luxurious prizes which they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise for a fraction of its price resonated with us. After scanning the internet, we discovered that there wasn’t a single watch competition company.

We decided to fill the gap and improve upon the current model, car competition companies have been using. No more untransparent winner selection, ticket and competition structures. We improved the process by limiting the tickets for every competition and by allowing you to follow the action during our live draws. After sitting down and discussing the details, Temple of Dream was born.