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By raising awareness of childhood cancer, they can protect more children and improve the lives of young cancer patients – today and for future generations. They share stories from families affected by childhood cancer, and also have guest blogs written by parents to help families and children affected by childhood cancer.

Temple of Dream

We are proud of our community which has helped us raise £26,000 for charities, in our first 6 months in business. With your help, we will continue supporting good causes.

Our Contribution

It’s important for us to support those in need. Therefore we donate 10% to social good. Together we can impact in the world in an awesome way!

Why Feed the Children

We chose Children with Cancer UK because they are the leading national children’s charity in the UK, dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

Temple of Dream work

We, at Temple of dream, are very proud to be a part of something bigger than just running world class competitions. In our first three months, we have already donated £22,249 to Children with Cancer UK and are in the process of raising more. This is all thanks to you, our entrants. It makes us feel proud to be part of what has already become an amazing community.

Children with Cancer UK provides research, improved treatments and support for children with cancer and their families. Every week in the UK, more than 70 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer, meaning that research can never end. It is vital they get all the support they require, which currently requires an investment of more than £4 million in new research across the full range of childhood cancers every year.

They currently have more than 60 projects under way at leading centres around the UK. Their aim is to drive up survival rates in even the hardest-to-treat cancers and to reduce the burden of toxicity for young cancer patients.

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